Finding director level talent in a niche sector

Many of the clients I work with, in and around Oxford are emerging businesses who are innovating and disrupting their sectors. This certainly creates an exciting journey for the founders, and brings plenty of investment interest, but can present particular challenges when recruiting their key people who will be vital to the success of those businesses.

Often the issue is not so much about how to attract those people, but where to actually find the skills and experience required? Having a strong local network or ‘careers’ page on a website, may do little to reach your necessary audience, who may be stretched across the UK or much further afield.

Another issue, when ‘hunting’ for your senior talent in a small pond, is that it can be fraught with politics! Contacting directly senior people at the competition can be an uncomfortable experience, and likewise those working for a competitor or complementary business would be wary of ‘raising their hand’ if unsure of their fit. Those individuals are much happier talking to a third party to confirm their suitability and chance of success, before putting their name forward.

Finally, there is the matter of salary negotiations. Using a third party ensures a smooth process where neither client or candidate are having to bargain directly with each other, and risk losing goodwill before even starting to work together.